Trainer / Facilitator

Ralph Kolen is not what you would call a "typical"facilitator. Ralph works with the principle of experience based learning. It's not theoretical knowledge that directs his teaching, but rather lets every day practice and the learning needs of his participants guide the training. Any doubts, should they occur, Ralph seamlessly converts to engaged participation. Twenty years of excperience give him the expertise to respond to any kind of situation in the group, using it to create an interactive exercise.

As one of his participants put it: "A trainer who makes you really look at yourself and then challenges you to use it to your advantage. A trainer who facilitates and yet leaves you the space to draw your own conclusions. He makes you confront yourself and helps you look at things from a different perspectives, without being pedantic. His clear but enthusiastic story made evething look simple. It made me excited to get started.



  • Experiental Educators Europe conference
  • POSG
  • Desh Planpack
  • Level training
  • Tilburg university
  • Fontys university
  • DHS-informatisering 
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