Ralph Kolen

With 20 years of experience in interactive street entertainment as well as his expertise in teaching and personal development, Ralph Kolen combines the best of both worlds. He specializes in labour market mobility and presentation. His goal: get people to move and keep them moving in their career.

Wether as a day's chairman, trainer of with his very own theater show, he will always inspire the participants, take away their doubts and make them see things from a different perspective.


Ralph Kolen doesn't just work in The Netherlands. From Poland to Hungary and from Greece to Italy - Ralph has worked with international organizations all over Europe. Ralph effortlessly fits in with different cultural norms and values. Taking away any doubts and challenging people to step outside their comfort zone is his core business, as is his interactive, experience based approuch. His proficiency in the Englisch language contributes to that.

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Day's chairman / Moderator

Trainer / Facilitator

Impression of Ralph's work as a Day's chaiman                                 EEEurope conference | Italy 2015

International References:

Ralph is a positive person. This positivity is reflected in all his activities. I had the oppotunity to meet him by the annual Experiental Educators Europe conference, to partecipate at his workshop and to ask him to support while organizing the conference in Italy. In each of these occasions I could appreciate the availability, the flexibility, the ironic way of his approach. I would reccomend him as a trainer, day's chairman but moreover as a valid partner on projects. "Sergio Cabigiosu"Professional trainer Leadership, teamwork and teambuilding | Italy

Ralph has a very unique style to engage and activate the people around him to express themselves and connect with others in a creative and fun way. He uses music, movement and story telling and sometimes all three in one activity, and does that with great enthousiasm and passion to build a platform, to recap an experience or new learning or to create an athmosphere where new things can evolve. "Desiree Steinman"Professional coach and trainer. Steinmann International GmbH | Switzerland"

Ralph is - without any exaggeration - an incredible creative, compelling and talented chairman, performer and facilitator. It is simply amazing, how he is able to activate, inspire, enable and work with people - no matter if there is a small or a really large group. He combines music, theatre, lyrics, humour and seriousness in an absolute unique, skillfull and wunderfull way. And there is always more. Like a realy cool suprise bag. "Barbara Braun"Beratung and Coaching | Germany"

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